Governing Body

Acresfield Primary School Governing Body

The Governing Body at Acresfield supports the school with its strategic direction. It is an active body that works closely with the staff to ensure the best outcomes for our children. Through Full Governing Body meetings and in Committee meetings it challenges and supports the school, by asking questions and engaging in discussion. Individual governors also make visits to the school each term, to gain insight into aspects of the work going on, which helps to keep governors informed and up to date with school policy and practice.

The Governing Body is currently made up of the following governors –

  • The Headteacher
  • 5 Parent Governors
  • 2 Staff Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 2 Co-opted Governors


The governors work in the following four committees: Staffing and Finance, Teaching and Learning, Community and Environment.

Each committee has a chair.

Ian Wilson is the chair of Staffing and Finance.

Members are: Victoria Cross, Lindsey Jones, Julia Williams

Victoria Cross is the chair of Teaching and Learning.

Members are: Sarah Bazley, Chloe Carberry, Rachael Corcoran, Lindsey Jones

Ian Wilson is the chair of Community.

Members are: Sarah Bazley, Heather Evans, Mike Hatton, Hannah Munnelly

Michael Hatton is the chair of Environment.

Members are: Victoria Cross, Heather Evans, Hannah Munnelly, Julia Williams

Headteacher Performance Review: Ian Wilson and tbc

Governors with Special Responsibilities:

  • Achievement & Pupil Premium: Ian Wilson
  • PSHCE: Heather Evans
  • Safeguarding: Sarah Bazley
  • Pupil Voice: Victoria Cross
  • Governor Training: Mike Hatton
  • Inclusion: Lindsey Jones
  • Health & Safety: Hannah Munnelly
  • Curriculum: Victoria Cross
  • Leadership & Management: Ian Wilson
  • P.E.: Mike Hatton

For further information about the structure of the governing body, please click on the following link. Governing Body Structure. For information regarding any business, financial or other interests of our governing body, please click on the following link. Register of Governor Interests

Below is a list of our governors with an accompanying pen portrait.

Chair of Governors

Mr Ian Wilson


Name: Ian Wilson. Date of Appointment: October 2013 and June 2017. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests: None.  Attendance Record 2016/17: 8/9

I am the father of two children who attend Acresfield in Year 1 and Year 5. I am a Cheshire Police Neighbourhood Sergeant. I have a good understanding of the important role schools play in the community and the difference they make. Currently manage several community projects for young people along with the budgets to ensure they continue. Being a Parent Governor has given me the opportunity to use and develop my skills and experience to achieve the best outcomes for Acresfield Primary school and its pupils.

Committee members

Mrs Sarah Bazley

Name: Sarah Bazley. Date of Appointment: October 2012. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Co-opted by the school. Pecuniary Interests:  None. Attendance Record 2016/17: 8/9

I am the Learning Manager at Chester Zoo, specialising in conservation education and science communication and I have worked in Zoo education for over 10 years, I became a Community Governor in 2011 and now have the extra responsibilities for Safeguarding and e-safety.

Mrs Chloe Carberry

Name: Chloe Carberry. Date of Appointment: Re-elected September 2014. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Staff. Pecuniary Interests:  None Attendance Record 2015/16: 6/9

I am Deputy Headteacher at Acresfield and a staff representative on the governing body. I have been a governor at the school for four years and am currently part of the Teaching and Learning committee.

Mrs Rachael Corcoran

Name: Rachael Corcoran. Date of Appointment: September 2014. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Staff. Pecuniary Interests: None  Attendance Record 2015/16: N/A

I am a staff governor. I have taught at Acresfield Primary School for 5 years. At present I am lead on the teaching of phonics and reading in the school. I am also the physical education leader. I am currently on maternity leave.

Mrs Victoria Cross

Name: Victoria Cross. Date of Appointment: October 2013 and June 2017. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests:  None Attendance Record 2016/17: 7/9

I am the Head of Drama and Theatre at Helsby High School Cheshire. I was lucky enough to start the department from scratch 10 years ago and have helped it grow and develop into a thriving part of the school. I have been a teacher for 15 years and started my career teaching in young offenders institutes.  I joined the Governing Body in 2013 as a parent governor and am proud to support this excellent school. Both of my wonderful children attend Acresfield, one in Year 4 and one who is currently in Year 1.

Mr Mike Dixon

As Headteacher, I am delighted to work with such a strong, proactive governing body. It is a good team, who work well together and have helped drive the school forward to ensure our pupils achieve outstanding outcomes in terms of their personal and academic development. This was recognised by Ofsted in their last inspection in 2014 and since then the school has continued to thrive and move forward, building on the excellent work highlighted by Ofsted.

Dr Nick Dixon

Name: Nick Dixon. Date of Appointment: October 2013. Term of office: 4 years. Stood down July 2017. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2016/17: 8/9

Vice-chair of Governors with Responsibility for Health and Safety and member of Community and Environment sub-committees. I am the parent of a Year 6 girl and I’ve been involved with the school for over 10 years. I am committed to the continuing development of the school to meet the needs of all abilities so that all children aim to exceed their targets and get the best start to their education.

Mrs Heather Evans

Name: Heather Evans. Date of Appointment: October 2015. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Co-opted by the school. Pecuniary Interests: Upton Village Pre-School. Attendance Record 2016/17: 7/8

I am the manager of Upton Village Pre-School. I have been a governor at the school since 2015 and work on the Community committee to support the work of the school in developing links with its community.

Mr Mike Hatton

Name: Mike Hatton. Date of Appointment: re-appointed October 2014. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Cheshire West and Chester. Pecuniary Interests: None Attendance Record 2016/17: 8/8

I am a Local Authority appointed Governor (for a third term of appointment), an Upton resident and a parent of a former pupil (who moved up to High School in 2001). I am at present Chair of the Environment Committee and previously on Finance, IT and Premises Committee. Out of school I am a season ticket holder and one of the hundreds of co-owners of Chester FC.

Mrs Lindsey Jones

Name: Lindsey Jones. Date of Appointment: May 2015. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2016/17: 8/9

I have one child at the school currently and one who has left and now gone to High School. I am the governor responsible for inclusion, which means I meet the school’s inclusion manager and look at the work the school is doing to support all the learners with their range of needs

Mrs Hannah Munnelly

Name: Hannah Munnelly. Date of Appointment: June 2017. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests:  None. Attendance Record 2016/17: N/A


Mrs Julia Williams

Name: Julia Williams. Date of Appointment: October 21 2016. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests:  None. Attendance Record 2015/16: N/A

I am married and have Harry aged 9 and Phoebe who is 7 in Penguin Class at Acresfield. I work part time as a pre-school assistant, with Level 3 Early Years Child Care and Development. I am enthusiastic to see children learn in a fun but supportive way and, as a parent, to feel I can have confidence in and a good relationship with school.