There are a number of statutory duties that must be met by every school in line with legislation from the Race Relations [Amendment] Act [2000], Disability Eqaulity Duty [2005] and Equality Act [2010].

Acresfield Primary School is committed to meeting its public sector duties and acknowledges that we have a statutory duty to:

  • Eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  • Promote equality of access and opportunity within our school and within our wider community
  • Promote positive attitudes to difference and good relationships between people with different backgrounds, genders, cultures, faiths, abilities and ethnic origins.

Our School Community

Outlined below is information about our children by protected characteristics.

Pupils with Special Needs

Pupils with an Education Health Care Plan [previously known as a statement] – 10 [5%]

Pupils on SEN support – 15 [7%]

Ethnic Groups

White British – 89.8%   White [other background] – 2.2%   White and Black Caribbean – 0.5%

White and Asian – 2.2%   Other mixed background – 1.1%

Indian – 1.1%   Other Asian Background – 2.7%

African – 0.5%   Other Black Background – 1.1%


Christian 58%   No religion – 39%  Sikh – 1.1%   Hindu – 0.5%

Other 1.4%

First Language

English 97.8%      Czech – 0.5%    Polish – 0.5%   Tamil – 0.5%   Spanish – 0.5%   Filipino – 0.5%


Female –  99 [45%]   Male – 119 [55%]

Pupils Eligible for Free School Meals

16 pupils – 7%


The leadership team and the school governing body have set objectives linked to these aims in order to ensure that equality is central to our work and valued by our community. Please click on the following links to see our current school equality objectives, including the progress being made against them and our equality policy.

Equality Objectives

Equality Policy