School Uniforms

If you need to purchase school uniform then please visit here or click on the following logo:

school uniform

Uniform List


                                         Boys’ Uniform                                                      Girls’ Uniform

                                         white shirt/polo shirt                                              white blouse

                                         grey trousers                                                           grey pinafore dress /skirt

                                        ‘school’ jade sweatshirt with logo                       ‘school ‘ jade cardigan/sweatshirt with logo


Dark coloured shoes (not trainers)

White/grey socks

Grey tights


In the summer, the girls are allowed to wear a yellow and white gingham (checked) or striped dress, together with white socks. The boys are allowed to wear short sleeved white or grey shirts. ‘Polo’ shirts are a comfortable alternative during the summer months. Grey tailored shorts are also allowed.


Children should wear their shoes to school. Trainers should only be worn when the children take part in games or when playing outside at break times.


In the summer we do ask that no open- toed sandals are worn, as these can lead to injuries.


The following items can be purchased from the school uniform web site –


Jade sweatshirt with logo

Jade cardigan (in sweatshirt material) with logo

White polo shirt with logo

Blue fleece or reversible shower proof jacket

PE bag with logo

Book bag with logo



Physical Education

 A change of clothes is necessary for PE/games for health and safety reasons.

For physical education lessons the kit required is a plain white T shirt together with dark coloured shorts.

For outdoor activities appropriate footwear should be worn. A plain jogging suit is recommended for junior games’ lessons during the winter months.

School football and netball strips are available for team members to wear.



 Jewellery should not be worn during physical education lessons, other than stud or sleeper earrings. All items of jewellery should be removed before the start of a lesson.