Ducklings (Nursery)

Our nursery is now open and welcomes three and four year olds to Acresfield. The nursery is run by Miss Montgomery, who is an experienced teacher of early years. She is supported by two teaching assistants, Mrs Hughes and Miss Mueller.

Welcome to Nursery!

Here, we intend to meet the needs of all children and lay the foundations for future learning and life. We understand that providing a nurturing and curious environment is essential and our top priority is ensuring that every child is content and eager to attend our sessions.

This term our topic focus is ‘Let’s go on an adventure’ where the children will be engaging in the texts ‘Walking through the jungle’ and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We will be exploring the cold weather, going on our own bear hunt, learning about different jobs including a safari ranger and researching how different animals move. We will also join in with celebrations including Valentine’s Day and  Chinese New Year where the children are given the opportunity to learn about similarities and differences in relation to family and friends. Within our setting we carry out planning in the moment therefore topics often change to follow and provoke the children’s interests.

For more information on this work, please have a look at our curriculum overview Ducklings Curriculum Overview Spring

*Please don’t forget to complete your child’s ‘WOW’ moments; we love to hear all about them!*

Daily Routine

Settling in time am: 8:45- 9:15 pm: 12:30- 13:00 

Child led time allowing the children to settle into each session. The first 20 minutes also provides parents with the opportunity to stay with their child to explore the environment and to look through learning journeys so please do try to come along.

Jobs am: 9:15-9:40 pm: 13:00-13:25

Together we discuss the date, weather and have a literacy or mathematics focus.

Planning am: 9:40-9:45 pm: 13:25-13:30

In groups, the children plan their busy time considering the area they will be exploring, resources they may need and if they need any support.

Busy time am: 9:40-9:45 pm: 13:30- 14:40

Children access the environment both inside and outside. Snack will also be available for the children to access within this time.

Review am: 11:10-11:15 pm: 14:40-14:45

Returning to our groups, we now review our busy time; did we stick to our plans?

Time to Tidy am: 11:15-11:30 pm: 14:45-15:15

We are learning to be independent and tidy our areas; can we work as a team and support each other?

Let’s Relax am: 11:30-11:45 pm: 15:15-15:30

To end each session the children will be encouraged to join in with activities including listening to stories, songs and role play.

*Please note some sessions may differ due to special assemblies, celebrations or physical activities including P.E sessions or Forest School.

If you are looking for a place for your child at our Nursery please contact our bursar Mrs Blaikie who will be happy to answer your queries:

Telephone: 01244 981020

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