Our Clubs

We have a full range of clubs on offer this term. Please click on the following link to see which clubs you feel may interest your child. Summer Club List

For information relating to some of the clubs on offer during the year, please see the information below.


AJ runs this club for our younger children. It is an opportunity for them to develop a range of basic skills, which includes running, throwing and catching to prepare them for different sports.


Football club for children in years 1-6 is a vailable through the autumn and spring terms. The year 3 and 4 children also get the chance to continue it in the summer to prepare them for moving up the school, where they become eligible for the school football team.

Our oldest children compete in the local Chester football league. Shin pads, boots and enthusiasm is all that is required!


The junior children will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills required to play netball.  Miss Kiernan will be coaching year 3 4 5 and 6 on a Wednesday 3.20-4.15.

We also enter a local schools netball league where they children have chance to apply their skills against other teams.

 Hand Chimes

Join Wendy on a Thursday after school from 3.20-4.15pm to learn how to play the chimes. The children develop their confidence and learn some pieces ready to perform to the school. Feel free to come along and try out this tuneful instrument.


The children have the chance to explore a range of art skills and techniques in art club with Miss Vinardi and Mrs Walsh on a Wednesday 3.20-4.00.

Please come and join them.



AJ runs this club in the autumn. It is a great opportunity to practise your skills ready for some local competitions.


Miss Nicholls and Miss Mueller will be having fun with food with a group of children on a Wednesday from 3.10-4.00pm. The children will create some delightful treats for all the family to taste!


Mr Harris and Miss Nichols provide the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children after school on a Thursday an opportunity to complete their homework with help and supervision form school staff. Come and join them and get some support with your homework!


Join Mrs Lloyd every Monday from 3.20-4.00 and be creative with a range of lego.


Anyone with green fingers can join Miss Campton on a Wednesday lunchtime to develop our garden area. It is open to everyone across the school.


 Year 4 ,5 and 6 can join Miss Furness and Mrs Carberry in developing their cheerleading skills every Monday.


Miss Hutchinson and Mrs Peake lead the school choir on a Wednesday 3.20-4.00. Enthusiasm and a love for music is all that is required! You will have the chance to develop your music and dance moves in preparation for our next Concert!


Senora Ireland teaches the year 1 and 2 children Spanish on a Monday 3.10-3.45. Come along and develop some new language skills.

The Art of Colouring

Join Miss Conroy from 3.20 until 4.00 on a Tuesday to discover the art of colouring. Just look at the concentration!

Street Dance

This is a popular club that runs through the year. Year 1 – 6 enjoy a session of dance with Miss Boden from 3.20 – until 4.15 on a Tuesday.

Cross Country

This is a winter club, for our keen runners, who can join Miss Kiernan  on a Friday morning form 8.10 until 8.40 to improve their stamina and endurance running skills. Come on you early birds!