Our Approach to Writing

Developing Confident Young Writers

At Acresfield our approach to writing encourages the children to develop a love of writing and the necessary skills needed to develop into a confident and independent writer.

Where appropriate, the children’s writing outcomes link to the theme the children are studying over the term. This theme is known as the Context for Learning and further information on them can be found on each classes homepage.

We ensure the children are clear as to the reason for their writing. This means we ensure the children understand the purpose for their writing, such as an audience they might be writing for.

We have developed a systematic approach to the teaching of key writing skills. This includes word level skills, sentence level skills, text level skills and presentation skills.

Click below for ways to support your child in the following genres in writing.

Instructions  Non-chronological report  Recount


Parent Support Booklets

We are in the process of developing booklets to support parents with the expectations in the English curriculum. The following booklets have been completed and we will upload the other year groups as soon as they are finished. The booklets provide an overview of the curriculum, approaches used by the school and ways parents can help at home.

Please click on the following links for more information

Year 1 Writing Parent Support Booklet

Year 2 Writing Parent Support Booklet

Year 3 Writing Parent Support Booklet

Year 4 Writing Parent Support Booklet

Year 5 Writing Parent Support Booklet

Year 6 Writing Parent Support Booklet