SEN (Inclusion)

Acresfield is an inclusive community. Inclusion is embedded in all areas of our school life. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures the learning needs of all children are catered for. Our  inclusive curriculum provides all pupils with relevant and challenging learning and we respond to pupils’ diverse needs. We are committed to overcoming barriers to learning. Our work was recognised in 2014, with the award of the Inclusion Mark.

All of the children are supported in their learning environments through quality teaching. The learning of all the children is regularly monitored and their progress assessed.  For those children that  require some additional or different action to enable them to learn more effectively, additional support is put into place. For further details of this support and more detailed information relating to our SEN provision, including our resource provision, please click on the following link.  Local Offer

The local authority also has a range of information for parents relating to special needs. To access this information, please open the following link