Basic Skills Mark Renewed

We are delighted to have been awarded the Basic Skills Mark for a third time. The school was visited by an external assessor in April, who spent time speaking to the staff and children, looking at our environment and examining a range of work going on in school. She was given a detailed guided tour of the school by our school captains and was extremely impressed with their knowledge and commitment to the school. She looked at children’s books to see the progress they are making. She examined our school data and looked at the work of curriculum leaders in ensuring we have a broad curriculum that meets the needs of our learners. She also went through our website and explored the range of support materials we have to keep parents up to date with the curriculum and with the life of the school. It was a thorough assessment, which concluded with her complimenting the school on its work. This is a super achievement and one that reflects the continued hard work and commitment to basic skills across the school. Well done everyone!

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