Respect, Resilience and Responsibility

During the summer term, the children and staff agreed the three values that they felt were the most important, from the range of values we teach the children each year. As such, the school now has the values of Respect, Resilience and Responsibility and they thread through the work of the school, from the beginning of the day at Fledglings, during the school day in the classroom and playground and after school, during Fledglings and in after school clubs. We want our children to leave the school understanding the importance of showing Respect, demonstrating Resilience and taking Responsibility. We believe that all three values combined will help the children be equipped for the rest of their schooling and life beyond. The values will benefit the children in their different ‘roles’ as citizens, learners and human beings.

The values are relevant for everyone though, not just our children. We recognise how important they are for all adults, including the staff, parents and governors, in day to day life.

Rory painted our values onto the front wall of the school, as part of his display showing our inspirational quote. Each value has been painted with some images, to represent it. You should be able to make them out in the photos below.




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