Acresfield Academy Governing Body

The Governing Body at Acresfield supports the school with its strategic direction. It is an active body that works closely with the staff to ensure the best outcomes for our children. Through Full Governing Body meetings and in committee meetings it challenges and supports the school, by asking questions and engaging in discussion. Individual governors also make visits to the school each term, to gain insight into aspects of the work going on, which helps to keep governors informed and up to date with school policy and practice.

The Governing Body is currently made up of the following governors –

  • The Headteacher
  • 5 Parent Governors
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 5 Co-opted Governors

To formally see our Instrument of Government please open the following link: Instrument of Government



The governors work in the following two committees: Leadership and Management and Quality of Education.

Each committee has a chair.

Ian Wilson is the chair of Leadership and Management.

Members are: Hannah Munnelly, Mike Hatton, Simon Jackson, Sal Edwards.

Tom Fellowes is the chair of Quality of Education.

Members are: Jill Houlbrook, Bethan Bensley, Sean Dick, Chloe Carberry, Di Hutchinson.

Headteacher Performance Review: Ian Wilson and Hannah Munnelly


Terms of Reference

Please click on the following links to see the terms of reference for each committee.

Leadership and Management Committee Terms of Reference

Quality of Education Terms of Reference


Governors with Special Responsibilities:

  • Achievement & Pupil Premium: Ian Wilson
  • Safeguarding: Jill Houlbrook
  • PSHCE & Pupil Voice:Governor Training: Mike Hatton
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Sean Dick
  • Personal Growth: Beth Bensley
  • Health & Safety and Mental Health: Hannah Munnelly
  • Curriculum: Tom Fellowes
  • Leadership: Ian Wilson
  • P.E. Mike Hatton

For further information about the structure of the governing body, please click on the following link.Governing Body Structure. For information regarding any business, financial or other interests of our governing body, please click on the following link. Register of Governor Interests


Below is a list of our governors with an accompanying pen portrait.

Ian Wilson – Chair of Governors

Name: Ian Wilson. Date of Appointment: October 2013 and June 2021. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests: None.  Attendance Record 2020/21: 6/6

I am the father of two children, my son has progressed through Acresfield onto Calday Grange Grammar School, my daughter is currently in year 5. I am a parent Governor and head coach and referee for under 12’s at Chester Rugby Club. I have been a Governor at Acresfield for 7 years. The last four years I have been Chair of Governors. Being a Parent Governor has given me the opportunity to use my skills and experience to help the school to achieve the best outcomes for Acresfield and its pupils.



Hannah Munnelly – Vice Chair of Governors

Name: Hannah Munnelly. Date of Appointment: June 2021. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests:  None. Attendance Record 2020/21: 5/6

I have two children at the school. My responsibility as Governor is for Health and Safety. I was elected parent Governor  in 2017 when my children joined the school. I feel extremely proud to be able to work alongside this great team to help support this fantastic school.


 Chloe Carberry

Name: Chloe Carberry. Date of Appointment: Re-elected September 2019. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Staff. Pecuniary Interests:  None Attendance Record 2020/21: 6/6

I am Deputy Headteacher at Acresfield and a staff representative on the governing body. I have been a governor at the school for four years and am currently part of the Teaching and Learning committee.


 Mike Dixon

Attendance Record 2020/21: 9/9

As Headteacher, I am delighted to work with such a strong, proactive governing body. It is a good team, who work well together and have helped drive the school forward to ensure our pupils achieve outstanding outcomes in terms of their personal and academic development. This was recognised by Ofsted in their last inspection in 2014 and since then the school has continued to thrive and move forward, building on the excellent work highlighted by Ofsted.



 Mike Hatton

Name: Mike Hatton. Date of Appointment: re-appointed October 2019. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Cheshire West and Chester. Pecuniary Interests: None Attendance Record 2020/21: 6/6

I am a multi-term Local Authority appointed Governor providing a degree of continuity, an Upton resident, parent of a former pupil and grandparent of a prospective pupil. I have served on a number of committees over my previous terms of office. Out of school I am a season ticket holder and one of the many co-owners of Chester FC.


Diane Hutchinson

Name: Diane Hutchinson Date of Appointment: February 27th 2018. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Co-opted. Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2020/21: 6/6

I am the school Higher Level Teaching Assistant having worked at Acresfield since 2006. I have three children one of which is now at High School and my second at Acresfield. I work across the whole school from early years to  year 6 and am passionate about my job and love working with children of all ages. As a school Governor I look forward to working closely with the other Governors to further develop our three core principles – respect, responsibility and resilience.


Sally Edwards

Name: Sally Edwards. Date of Appointment: February 27th 2018. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Co-opted. Pecuniary Interests:None. Attendance Record 2020/21: 6/6

I am proud to be a class teacher, the mathematics subject lead at Acresfield and to be part of such a forward thinking team. I am staff representative on the governing body and I am a member of the Leadership and Management committee.


Tom Fellowes

Name: Tom Fellows. Date of Appointment: February 26th 2019.  Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2020/2021: 6/6

I teach English at a secondary school in Ellesmere Port and have one child at Acresfield. I am passionate about young people and the role schools play in shaping their future. As a Parent Governor and Chair of the Quality of Education committee, I hope to see Acresfield continue to flourish in delivering outstanding education.


Simon Jackson

Name: Simon Jackson. Date of Appointment: 26/2/2019. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents. Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2020/2021: 5/6


Jill Houlbrook

Name: Jill Houlbrook. Date of Appointment: 26/2/2019. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Co-opted  Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2020/2021: 6/6

I am Jill Houlbrook one of your school governors here at Acresfield Academy. It is a pleasure to be part of the Governing Body for such a friendly and happy school. I live locally with my three cats and my two chickens, which sometimes lay eggs, when the mood takes them. I love my garden, baking and walking and when I get time I like to disappear into a good book.   You may also know me as your local Councillor and as a Parish Councillor.


Beth Bensley

Name: Beth Bensley. Date of Appointment: June 2019. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: Parents Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2019/2020: 5/6

I am a qualified youth worker and I am passionate about young people’s personal and social development. I have 3 children at Acresfield and I currently sit on the Quality of Education Committee with a special responsibility for Personal Growth.


Sean Dick

Name: Sean Dick. Date of Appointment: June 2020. Term of office: 4 years. Appointed by: co-opted Pecuniary Interests: None. Attendance Record 2020/2021: 5/6

I am Learning Operations Manager at Chester Zoo, working with schools around the region to empower future conservationists. It’s a pleasure to sit on the governing body of the zoo’s local school. I am part of the quality of education committee.



North West Academies Trust

The school has been part of North West Academies Trust  (NWAT) since 1st October 2019.

Contact details: NWAT CEO Mr Steve Docking, The Coach House, Union Street, Chester, CH1 1QP. Tel: 01244 566167.

The trust is a charitable body offering advice, support, expertise and a strategic overview to several academies in Cheshire and Shropshire.It is passionate about supporting schools within their community and helping to ensure outstanding learning opportunities for every child.

The trust, and its schools, aspire to excellence in education and this is underpinned by The Seven Principles of Public Life: Selflessness; Integrity; Objectivity; Accountability; Openness; Honesty and Leadership.

Full details of NWAT’s Governance structure are available through this link.

The Trustees meeting attendance can be found in the annual accounts on page


Accounts – NWAT Limited

All academies have to produce audited accounts which must be submitted to the EFA and displayed on the school’s website. Our auditors are