Our Ethos & Vision

Our Core Professional Purpose and Core Principles were agreed by the whole school community. This includes our staff, governors, parents and children. They are not words that are designed to act as wallpaper, adorning our walls, rather they are real and living and beliefs by which we operate on a day to day basis.

Our Core Professional Purpose

Acresfield Academy is an inclusive community that challenges and inspires its children in a creative and engaging way, laying the foundations for life.

Our Core Principles

  • We work as a team to achieve more
  • We learn from the past to build our future – if it doesn’t work we change it
  • We value everyone’s opinion
  • We challenge each other in order to move forward
  • We all take responsibility
  • We approach our work in a positive way

Each year, the staff revisit these principles to evaluate their effectiveness and relevance. This is usually carried out during our September INSET day. At this meeting we ensure we are clear as to what they mean; why they are important and how to ensure they underpin the way we work each day.