Attendance at School

Good school attendance is vital in order to provide the best chance for your child to thrive. We have seen, during the pandemic of the last year, how important a child’s attendance is, in order to help them thrive in so many ways, including their personal, social and academic development.

Each term, we celebrate children who achieve 100% attendance with a certificate and entry to a class draw, where they have the chance to win a prize.

We currently have a small staggered start time at school, due the measures we have in place to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading. As such, our doors open for Tiger Cubs, Meerkats and Penguins at 8.45am and for the children in Otters, Busy Bees, Komodo Dragons, Orangutans and Jaguars at 8.55am. Children walk straight into their classroom and begin learning. Registration takes place at that time.

Please note, if your child arrives after this time, they will be marked as late.

How Parents can Help

  1. If your child is absent from school, please inform the school office by 8:45am. School will follow up ALL absent pupils by 9:30am unless a reason has been given. Please note: If your child is absent from school through illness for 14 sessions or more a term, medical information will be requested. If this is not provided, future absences will be recorded as unauthorised.
  2. Please also try to avoid booking routines appointments within the school day. Where possible these should take place outside of school hours.
  3. If you require a leave of absence from school, you should complete the appropriate form which is available in hard copy from the school office or via this link Exceptional Leave of Absence Form. All requests for leave of absence are considered by the head teacher and you will be informed within 5 working days of the decision on this request. Information on exceptional leave of absence, term time holidays and fixed term penalty notices are contained within the listed documents below and can be accessed via the link

Thank you for your support with our attendance policies to ensure Acresfield children have the best opportunities to succeed with their learning.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Acresfield Attendance Policy