Curriculum Enrichment

In order to support the development of our children’s character, we have a variety of opportunities planned, within and beyond the curriculum. This includes specific trips, community work, welcoming visitors, planned experiences, residentials and roles and responsibilities. To give you a flavour of what this looks like at Acresfield, please have a look at the following information.

Forest School Programme

Each class spends time learning outside as part of our Forest School programme. We have an outside classroom, called The Nest, which acts as a base for the children. Our programme promotes the development of a range of children’s skills, these are linked to the curriculum being covered in class, as well as the child’s personal development.

For more information about our Forest school programme, please open the following link. Acresfield Forest School Programme

Roles and Responsibilities

Character development at Acresfield, is underpinned by the varied opportunities for children to take on different roles within their classroom as well as across the whole school. It starts with our youngest children and continues through the school, so that by the time the children leave us they have taken greater responsibility and demonstrated the respect for others that is needed to carry out a role effectively. Respect and Responsibility are two of our school values.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities for our children, please open the following link. Pupil Roles and Responsibilities

Community Responsibility

At Acresfield, we feel it important that children develop their understanding of being responsible citizens. This is the overarching outcome of our curriculum as illustrated in our intent statement. Please refer to our Curriculum Intent Statement. As such, we ensure that our curriculum provides planned opportunities for the children to develop this responsibility. In particular opportunities to engage with a variety of charities by arranging events to raise funds or provide gifts to aid different charities.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities for our children, please open the following link. Charity and Community Work at Acresfield

Performance Opportunities

In order to develop our children’s character, we plan specific experiences for them, as they move through the school that provide them with opportunities for personal development. This includes performance experiences, such as drama, musical and sporting.

For more information about these experiences for our children, please open the following link.

Visits and Visitors Programme

We have identified some key visits for the children that link to their class curriculum. The visits enhance the learning and broaden their experiences and ensure that they contribute fully to the children’s personal development. In addition, we have planned visitors to come into Acresfield to talk to them about aspects of the curriculum that will further enhance their development.

For more information about our programme of visits and visitors, please open the following link.  Visits and Visitors Programme


Our residential programme, which runs across the school from our Tiger Cubs to our Jaguars is a key means of developing our children’s character. Please see the residential page for an outline of this programme Acresfield Residentials