At Acresfield, we have a full programme of residentials, which begin in reception class and run through the school. Our programme is designed to provide the children with a range of opportunities and the chance to experience new things and broaden their skills.

Details of this programme are outlined below.

Tiger Cubs [reception class]The Tiger Cubs who Came to Tea. Our Tiger Cubs have the opportunity in the summer term to stay late at school and enjoy some after school activities and then stay for their tea. The event forms part of our residential programme, as it prepares the children for their overnight stay in Meerkat class [year 1]. The event links to our school values and helps to develop the children’s responsibility, as they help to prepare their tea and clear it away afterwards.

Meerkats [Year 1] – Meerkats sleepover! Our Meerkats build on the work completed in Tiger Cubs focusing on our school values by taking part in a sleep over at school. This is in the autumn term and helps the children get used to their new classroom and their teachers. The children further develop one of our 3 Rs – Resilience, as they spend the night in school, which is often their first time away from parents and family. The children enjoy a variety of activities after school before settling down to tea and a film before bed. The following morning, the children enjoy a breakfast at school before heading home.

Penguins [Year 2] Burwardsley residential. The Penguins enjoy a two night break at an outdoor centre in Cheshire. The trip builds upon the growing independence and resilience demonstrated by the children during their sleep over in Meerkat class. For more information about the trip, please read their information booklet. Penguins’ Burwardsley Information Booklet

Otters [Year 3] Colomendy Team Building day. Our Otters take part in an extended day trip as they move from KS1 to KS2. This takes place early in the school year and helps to support the children with a smooth transition from one key stage to another. The children take part in a range of team building activities that link to our school values. They have to show Respect towards each other and take Responsibility for ensuring their team cooperates and works effectively together. Leaving school early and returning in the early evening, ensures the children return ready for a good nights’ sleep!

Komodo Dragons [Year 4]. Arts Education in a Multi-Cultural Society. In Komodo Dragon class, the children develop their understanding of life in  a multi-cultural society. They develop a range of skills linked to the arts from different cultures around the world. It is another trip that fully promotes our school values and enables the children to develop important personal skills.  For more information about the trip, please read their information booklet. Komodo Dragons Conway Information Booklet

Orangutans [Year 5] Canoeing Expedition. Our Orangutans return to life’s basics, as they embark on a canoeing expedition. It is a trip that the children have to take full responsibility for, as they plan and prepare their own meals, put their own tent up and then cook their food. Before they can do any of that, they have to navigate along the Shropshire canal in a canoe! It is a trip that provides many memorable experiences for the children and one which further enhances our school value work.  For more information about the trip, please read their information booklet Orangutans Canoeing Expedition Information Leaflet

Jaguars [Year 6] Outdoor adventure at Conway. Our Jaguars complete our residential programme with a three day stay at Conway. The residential brings together the varied aspects of previous trips, securing all of our values, as the children learn to work together to successfully challenge themselves , often outside of their comfort zone, in a range of outdoor and adventurous activities. It takes place in the summer term and is a memorable end to the children’s time with us. For more information about the trip, please read their information booklet  Jaguars Conway Information Leaflet

Letters will be sent home during the year with further information.