Welcome to The Meerkats!


The class teacher is Mr Dewey

Please find a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from the transition meeting here. Welcome to the Meerkats

Please click on the following link to view the curriculum map for The Meerkats: Meerkats Autumn Curriculum Map

At Acresfield we have 7 key principles that underpin our curriculum and form our curriculum intent. Please open the following link: Acresfield Curriculum Intent

To see how these principles are threaded through this term’s curriculum in the Meerkats, please open the following link: Meerkats Autumn Intent in Practice

Knowledge Organisers 

Please see a more detailed overview of the learning in some areas of the wider curriculum. These knowledge organisers are shared with the children and provide parents with an opportunity to go through some of the key learning at home. In particular, we would ask that you support the children with their understanding of the key vocabulary for each curriculum area, as outlined in the knowledge organisers.   

In science, we will be learning about animals. Please open the following link to see an overview of the key information: Animals Knowledge Organiser

This term, our history focus will be on ‘Chester Zoo’ and we are looking at how Chester Zoo has changed over time, the impact it has had on the local area and how it has become a charitable association. An overview of the key learning can be found in the following knowledge organiser: Chester Zoo Knowledge Organiser

Linked to our work on Chester Zoo, we will be developing our understanding of maps in geography. For further information, please have a look at our knowledge organiser: Maps Knowledge Organiser

Our school values are: Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.


Our British values focus this Term:

In our assemblies this term our British Values will link to our school values of respect, resilience and responsibility. We will be looking primarily at the British Value of Mutual Respect.

In class our focus will be on the British Values of the Mutual Respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs when looking at different faiths and religions and appreciating our differences. 


One of the seven outcomes we would like from our curriculum is for the children to develop their understanding of what it means to live in a diverse society such as Britain. To support that this term, we will be learning about how Louis Braille and Rosa Parks overcame barriers to make a significant change to the world. 

Parent Support Booklets

Please click on the following links for more information about the curriculum in Year 1 and ways you can support your child at home.

Year 1 Maths Parent Support Booklet

Year 1 Reading Parent Support Booklet

Year 1 Writing Parent Support Booklet


The Phonics Screening Check takes place in the Summer term and Meerkats will be busy learning the sounds and how to apply them to support them with learning to read. Below are some useful sites to support your child’s learning. Mr Thorne has made hundreds of videos to help children learn sounds in a very fun and engaging way. Spend some time flicking through his videos. The children will love joining in with him!