Welcome to The Ducklings!

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The class teacher is Miss Montgomery and the class teaching assistants are Mrs Hughes and Miss Mueller.  We are looking forward to welcoming back returning Ducklings and can’t wait to meet all our new Ducklings and their families.

This half term we will focus on settling in and encouraging the children to explore their new learning environment and follow routines. We will be immersing the children in stories, songs and rhymes and enjoy joining in with singing and actions.

We will begin our learning journey by exploring the question; ‘I wonder what changes?’ where we will look at ourselves, our families and autumn. We will then continue to explore and follow the children’s interests and see where this takes us. 

For more information, please see our curriculum overviews that cover all areas of learning throughout the year.

At Acresfield we have 7 key principles that underpin our curriculum and form our curriculum intent. Please open the following link:

To see how these principles are threaded through this term’s curriculum, please open the following link.

Our school values are Respect, Resilience and Responsibility

Our British Values Focus this Term

In class we will focus on the following British Values Rule of Law and Mutual Respect. We will be discussing our class rules which the children will be supported to follow and we will have a focus on listening and sharing.


One of the seven outcomes we would like from our curriculum is for the children to develop their understanding of what it means to live in a diverse society such as Britain. To support that this term, we will be demonstrating friendly behavior towards each other and learning to accept the needs of others. Resources are in place to support the children in understanding that we are all different.

Daily Routine

Settling in time am: 8:45- 9:15 pm: 12:30- 13:00
Child led time allowing the children to settle into each session. The first 20 minutes also provides parents with the opportunity to stay with their child to explore the environment and to look through learning journeys so please do try to come along.

Jobs am: 9:15-9:35 pm: 13:00-13:25
Together we discuss the date, weather and have a literacy or mathematics focus.

Busy time am: 9:45-11:15 pm: 13:25- 14:30
Children access the environment both inside and outside. Snack will also be available for the children to access within this time.

Time to Tidy am: 11:15-11:30 pm: 14:30-14:45
We are learning to be independent and tidy our areas; can we work as a team and support each other?

Let’s Relax am: 11:30-11:45 pm: 14:45-15:30

To end each session the children will be encouraged to join in with activities including listening to stories, songs and role play.

*Please note some sessions may differ due to special assemblies, celebrations or physical activities including P.E sessions or Forest School.

Parent Support