Our Curriculum

We have worked hard to devise a curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils and prepares them for life in modern day Britain. The principles that underpin our curriculum are outlined in our Curriculum Intent. Please open the following link to read it – Acresfield Curriculum Intent

Our intent outlines our determination to ensure all of our children are equipped with the basic skills they need to support them as they transfer to high school and to enable them to succeed in life. It also outlines the value we place on preparing the children for life in modern day Britain, so they understand what it is to be a responsible citizen. This includes an understanding of the issues facing our planet and the individual’s responsibility in taking the steps needed to preserve it. It also focuses on life in multi-cultural Britain and what that means and how everyone can make a positive contribution by showing respect for people from different backgrounds and with different religions and beliefs. It is a carefully thought out curriculum that we believe provides our children with the best possible start to their education.

Each class has an overview on their homepage as to how these seven principles underpin the curriculum for that term. In addition, there is a curriculum overview, which outlines all aspects being taught for the term.

At Acresfield we also have three values which run through our curriculum and school life: Respect. Resilience. Responsibility. The values, which have been developed in consultation with our community, permeate all aspects of school life. They guide our behaviours and approaches to work and school life. They replace the need for lots of rules and behaviour systems, as they cover all aspects of behaviour. They are displayed throughout the school and act as a daily reminder for us all.

In the links below, you will be able to find more information about different subjects in the wider curriculum.


To develop our artists at Acresfield, we work closely with our artist in residence, Rory McCann and have devised a curriculum that builds the children’s skills as they move through the school. 

Art and Design Long Term Curriculum Plan     Art and Design Key Concept Map     Art and Design Skills Progression Art and Design Vocabulary Progression      

Design and Technology

To develop our children as competent designers and makers, we have built a curriculum that provides them with a broad range of experiences to develop their skills, using a range of materials, including computer aided design.

Design and Technology Long Term Plan   Design and Technology Key Concept Map     Design and Technology Skills Progression      Design and Technology Vocabulary Progression 


To develop effective geographers, we have devised a curriculum that develops children’s understanding of their place in the world and provides them with opportunities to explore and develop their fieldwork skills.

Geography Long Term Curriculum Plan   Geography Key Concept Map   Geography Skills progression    Geography Vocabulary Progression 


To develop effective historians at Acresfield, we have devised a curriculum that supports the children’s understanding of chronology and provides them with an understanding of key historical concepts and vocabulary.  

History Long Term Curriculum Plan      History Key Concept Map    History Skills Progression     History Vocabulary Progression


To develop effective scientists at Acresfield, we have devised a curriculum that ensures children build their knowledge of key scientific concepts, but also experience effective ways of working scientifically.

Science Long Term Curriculum Plan   Science Key Concept Map    Science Skills Progression   Science Vocabulary Progression