As a school, we take the safety of pupils while working on line very seriously. During the current pandemic, this has become even more important, as a result of school closures earlier in the year and any potential lockdowns in the coming months. Below are websites that parents can access, which give valuable advice and support on how to keep our children safe when on line.

Click below to read our E-safety policy

E-Safety Policy

For information on how children can keep themselves safe on the internet click on the link below

For parental information on how to keep your child safe on the internet click on the link below

The following links will also support parents with issues relating to their child’s online activity:

In addition it will provide support during any future bubble lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our e-safety cadets are a group of children who meet with a member of staff to look at e-safety issues and consider ways to further promote children’s understanding of how to keep safe online. They devised the following acronym, which is regularly referred to by class teachers, to remind them of ways to keep safe online. E-safety Rules