Our Intent – Developing Critical Thinkers and Young Problem Solvers

At Acresfield, we encourage pupils to become self-motivated, confident learners through enquiry and active participation in challenging and engaging experiences.

From the time children join us in Ducklings or Tiger Cubs until they reach the top of the school in the Jaguars Class, the children are given a range of practical based activities and challenges that equip them with the necessary skills in mathematics.

Developing these skills and applying them into real life and practical situations is central to our approach. We ensure as a school that we are providing children with the essential tools to explore, reason and develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity for mathematics.  The school has a range of resources to support children’s learning and we also offer an online teaching and homework tool through ‘My Maths’ which helps families and children learn at home.

We create opportunities that will enrich children and enable them to approach their learning to acquire the knowledge to solve problems. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop critical thinking through encouragement to see things in more than one way. We encourage children to experiment with their mathematical work and to develop reflection skills and engage in dialogue with their teachers to support their critical thinking. Errors and mistakes are welcomed and are seen as opportunities to make progress and to develop thinking.

Our Implementation – How we do this

Teachers carefully plan their lessons using schemes of work developed and created by White Rose.  Within this scheme, lessons are sequenced in a way, which allows children to fully master a concept in maths before moving on with their learning. Alongside this scheme, teachers also use the NCETM Mastery documentation to ensure their pitch and expectation for the end of a topic is accurate. This provides children with an opportunity to demonstrate mastery or mastery at greater depth within their learning.  NRICH, BEAMS, Matchsticks and the digging deeper books produced by First 4 Maths, are also used for deepening understanding and solving more complex problems, which engage and enthuse the children.


Teachers will ask children to complete a pre assessment from White Rose before teaching a new topic in Maths. This is from the previous year group, which allows teachers to plan in extra lessons for where there are gaps. This is part of our ‘catch up’ programme. Children always complete an end of topic assessment and an end of term assessment created by White Rose. Year 2 and year 6 will also use past SAT papers. Any misconceptions are picked up on the same day in an afternoon to address understanding, allowing children to progress within their learning the following day.

The Impact

We aim for children to be capable and competent mathematicians equipped with the necessary skills, which they can then build on further in high school.

The outcomes achieved by our pupils show that we are impacting positively and our approach is working. Our children have achieved well above national expectations at the end of Year 6 every year for the last five years. This relates to the percentage of pupils achieving national expectations and the percentage working above national expectations and achieving greater depth. [please note: there were no national assessments due to covid in 2020 and 2021]

Parent Support Booklets

We have produced booklets to support parents with expectations in the maths curriculum.  The booklets provide an overview of the curriculum, approaches used by the school and ways parents can help at home.

Please click on the following links for more information.

Year 1 Maths Parent Support Booklet

Year 2 Maths Parent Support Booklets

Year 3 Maths Parent Support Booklet

Year 4 Maths Parent Support Booklet

Year 5 Maths Parent Support Booklet

Year 6 Maths Parent Support Booklet

Click below to see our calculation policy, a guide for parents to support your child with their maths at home

Calculation Policy