The Government has identified the following British values that they want schools to actively promote, to ensure our children leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. The values were first set out by the Government in the Prevent strategy in 2011. Schools must now have a clear strategy for embedding these values and show how their work with pupils has been effective in doing so

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

At Acresfield, one of the seven principles that underpin our curriculum is the following:

Establishing the children’s awareness of our diverse British society with its social, cultural and religious differences underpinned by our British values.

As such, our curriculum has a range of planned opportunities to develop the children’s understanding of the diversity of British society, underpinned by The British Values. Examples of where this is taught can be found on each class homepage.

Democracy at Acresfield

At Acresfield, the children are explicitly taught about democracy and the rule of law and how it works in Britain. This includes the advantages and disadvantages of our form of government, compared with different forms of government in other countries.

In addition, the school has a broad range of pupil voice projects which put the children’s voice at the heart of our work. One such system is our ‘Pupil Parliament.’  They attend meetings with our Pupil Parliament lead, Mrs Wynne. The children work on different projects in school, to make Acresfield a better place for everyone. They are having a really positive impact in school, which has included improvements to our outdoor area. Each class has two MPs, who meet with the Pupil Parliament to share feedback on different issues.

There are many opportunities for the children’s voice to be heard at Acresfield in addition to the Pupil Parliament. We have buddies for the children in our two youngest classes, Tiger Cubs and Meerkats. Wellbeing Champions are also in place at lunchtimes, supporting the younger children with their playtime games. The children have to apply if they want to become a Wellbeing Champion.  In addition, there are our E-cadets, a team of children who keep us safe online.

Our children have a strong voice in the school. They feed into the termly parents’ evenings by providing feedback on their learning and next steps. The older children ‘lead’ the parents’ evenings in key stage 2, by starting the conversation about what they have achieved and identifying what they need to do next.

For more information on the different roles and responsibilities the children at Acresfield have, please open the following link from our Enrichment Page on the website: Pupil Roles and Responsibilities

The Rule of Law

The importance of following rules, whether they are in the classroom, the school or the laws in society are reinforced throughout the school day and form a part of our daily work.

At Acresfield, we have been awarded the Investors in Pupils award, in recognition of the work we do to ensure pupils are at the heart of the school. We have three values in the school, which are RESPECT, RESILIENCE and RESPONSIBILITY. As a whole school, our behaviour policy supports the children in making the right choices with reference to these values. These are displayed around the building. Our behaviour policy clearly rewards the children for following our school values. This reward system was devised by the children who form our Pupil Parliament. As part of this work, we also explicitly teach the children the consequences of not following our school rules or the rules in society and how this impacts on people’s lives.

Individual Liberty

At Acresfield, the concept of liberty and individual freedom of choice, is built into our curriculum.  In school, pupils are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour, and make choices knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. As a school, we ensure children feel empowered to make the right choices to support their learning and their personal development. Children are always encouraged to exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are given support in doing this safely (for example, through E-Safety and Personal Growth lessons.) This work links very closely to pupil voice projects in school and giving children the opportunity to make choices about roles they want to have in school; about who they want to vote for to hold important roles; about participation in our numerous extra-curricular clubs. We believe it is very important that children are given the freedom to make these choices from a young age.

Mutual Respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Showing respect for everyone at Acresfield is one of our school values. We teach the children what this means by modelling respectful relationships between adults and children and between adults. Respect is also taught explicitly in our Personal Growth curriculum. For more information, see our Personal Growth curriculum overview, which is on the Personal and Social Development page under Our Curriculum. The children are reminded of the need to show respect to all adults and each other on a daily basis. This cuts across all areas of school life and includes showing respect for staff who work at lunchtimes or who come in to work with the children on special projects or for music and physical education. As part of the curriculum, the children are taught about the need to show respect to others beyond our school environment in the local community and beyond. They are also taught about the impact on people when they are not shown respect and how it can affect people’s well-being.

Showing tolerance for people with different faiths and beliefs, builds on the work going on in school to teach children the need to respect others. This is taught explicitly in our Personal Growth curriculum.  It is also taught through our Religious Education curriculum, especially through the different visits and visitors that are built into it, to develop the children’s views of diversity and tolerance within our diverse society. Upton, where our children live, is not a culturally diverse area, so we ensure we work hard to promote it in our curriculum. This starts with our very youngest children in Ducklings and Tiger Cubs classes.

We develop the children’s understanding through assemblies too, where we address issues of diversity through the stories that are told.