Acresfield Academy, Acres Lane, Upton Chester, CH2 1LJ

At Acresfield, we aim to foster a love of reading in all children and encourage them to read a wide range of books from various authors. Reading is embedded in all areas of the curriculum.

Reading skills are taught as soon as children join us, whether this is in our Ducklings nursery or in Tiger Cub Class [reception] and continue until they leave the school.

The younger children are grouped and taught Letters and Sounds each day. This is a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics and continues as long as the child requires it. For most children this will end in Year 2. Some children may need this to continue in the following year. Children who require alternative approaches to learning their letters and sounds, may be taught using an approach known as Read Write Ink.

As the children move through the school, they are taught a variety of skills to support their reading confidence. This includes such strategies as using the pictures to look for clues, reading with expression, predicting what might happen, retrieving information from the page to answer comprehension questions. More higher order reading skills are taught too, including developing the children’s ability to infer and deduce meaning from the text. This work is carried out in small groups or through whole class reading sessions, which enable all of the children to participate in text analysis at the same time.

The children have at least two reading books. One that is guided by their teacher and one that is chosen more independently. We have different schemes to support the younger children including Oxford Reading Tree and Collins Big Cats.

The books are colour banded and progress through stages of learning until the children become more independent readers. When this happens we have a selection of books to enable the transition from colour book banded books to more independent chapter books, to be smooth.

We have named the collection of books that more independent readers access as Rocket Readers and for children who are more confident with their independent reading we have called the books Cosmic Reads and then Infinity Reads. All relevant classes have areas where these books are available.

Each class also has an author collection in order to develop the children’s engagement with books and with particular authors. Our library is full of books of varying ability too. The children have a library slot each week, where they are able to change their independent book. The staff still aim to guide and support the children with their independent book choices.

Children learn best when home and school work closely together. Please click on the link below for ways to support you with hearing your child read at home.

Hearing your child read

Parent Support Booklets

We have produced booklets to support parents with the expectations in the English reading curriculum. The booklets provide an overview of the curriculum, approaches used by the school and ways parents can help at home.

Please click on the following links for more information

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